Poem by: Nikita Patel

Sadness comes like tidal waves with rolling wind and hazy eyes
Pain that lingers, lingers and lingers like the riveting fear of anger.
The boiling cauldron of madness swirling in the salty night air
Made from the fears and sorrows that build the bridges and dams
Of the lives that we have evolved and the tears that we have shed.

Sorrow is a raining sky that never skips a timid beat or crying chord
It bonds like the pain of death and despair that will not cease
And it fills the deepest crevasses of your heart with darkened stakes
You feel the weight of a million poor choices falling cold like hail 
Tearing at your tattered feet, following your staggered footsteps

Every hour of sorrow is a thousand long months of wondering 
Whether the world can piece itself together or fall tumbling apart 
There is time between the dawn of light and the dusk of night 
When your greatest fears emerge to fight a precarious battle
Between the demons and the angels fighting in your tangled mind

The sun always rises, eventually, when the tears of earth subside
When the light of the moon is in harmony with your deepest despairs
Filling the darkened voids that sadness leaves on its vicious journey 
Bringing the rolling hope of empathy from the morning still waters 
Giving the eyes of this hard world a reason to shed its sorrow and rise.