Productive Ways to Make Money from Home

Story by Stephanie Cobb With the closure of nonessential businesses in the state of Florida, many students’ internship and part-time employment plans have been canceled or put on hold. However, if you’re in need of cash, there are many ways to make money while still social distancing. Keep reading for some ideas on how to… Continue reading Productive Ways to Make Money from Home

This is Jeopardy! with Honors Sophomore Kayla Kalhor

Story by Sofia Anrecio, Photo by Tiffany Liu With its timeless host and iconic theme song, Jeopardy! is a classic American game show, and tonight, the show will feature a participant that hits close to home: second-year UF Honors chemistry major Kayla Kalhor. Since 1989, the show has hosted a two week-long College Championship for… Continue reading This is Jeopardy! with Honors Sophomore Kayla Kalhor

The Fight Against Climate Change: UF’s Imagining Climate Change Initiative

Written by Chloe Campbell If you happened to be driving along Archer Braid Trail on the morning of Saturday Feb. 29, then you might have noticed a large reclaimed water truck, a trailer carrying twenty-nine trees, and a group of thirty-odd people in bright orange vests standing by the edge of the road. As one… Continue reading The Fight Against Climate Change: UF’s Imagining Climate Change Initiative

Remembering H. H. Hume: The Man Behind the Name

Story by Kaylyn Ling For many UF Honors students, Hume Hall is a home away from home, a haven of late-night study sessions and a place full of fond roommate stories. What’s the story behind a name, though — who is the Hume behind Hume Hall? H. H. Hume writing at his desk. 1959.Credit: University… Continue reading Remembering H. H. Hume: The Man Behind the Name

The Fight for Blue Lights

Photos captured at the protest last Thursday at Flavet Field. Written and Photographed by Emily Roden On Flavet field last Tuesday, over 200 people showed up with signs, sunglasses, and megaphones to protest the absence of blue lights on Fraternity row, a short walk from Hume Hall, the residence hall for honors students at UF.… Continue reading The Fight for Blue Lights

A Guide to the CWC

BY: TORI CHIN The American Academy of Pediatrics updated their guidelines in February to suggest that universal depression screenings should be done by primary care clinicians. Currently, most primary care clinicians only screen if there are complaints or family concerns about a possibly depressed youth. To prepare for accommodating for the new guideline, treatment facilities… Continue reading A Guide to the CWC

What does Gatorship mean to the students who participate in it?

BY MARIANNA COLON Josephine St-Cyr used to be reluctant to open up to people and be seen as vulnerable. The University of Florida accounting sophomore, said that all changed when she went to Gatorship and learned to embrace herself, including her flaws. “One cannot describe their Gatorship experience without including ‘You had to be there… Continue reading What does Gatorship mean to the students who participate in it?