the salt of the ocean//the sand of the shore

Poem by: Kayla Ehrlich Copy-edited by: Pranav Gupta Illustration by: Campbell Lackey I’ve stood at the cusp of the earth where nothing but scuttling crabs and drifting gulls  ever dare to wander there are no footprints at least, none that remain untouched by the passing waves the melting, running foam that leave everything and nothing … Continue reading the salt of the ocean//the sand of the shore

The Value of Education

Poem by: Caroline Levine The value of education is more than we can mine. But without our values no gold, will we find.  Excellence can be seen inthe glitter of all gold. But what use is a shining stone—torn from land, unknown—if the world so readilyforgets all integrityand stores it on its own? With excellence, comes responsibility. And, in this, … Continue reading The Value of Education

Humans of Hume: Kira Zautcke

Written by: Kaitlyn McGowan Kira Zautcke is a freshman biochemistry major with a large affinity for conservation efforts. She spent most of her childhood living at Sanibel Island, which she believes molded her passion for environmental awareness and marine life. Her middle school education was centered around marine science. She completed research on sand dollar … Continue reading Humans of Hume: Kira Zautcke

Sobbing While Watching “Paddington” In Library West

Written by: Niloufar SaririanCopyedited by: Sophia Eberhard You may find yourself having read the title and asking: Why are you, as a college student, getting emotional over PG-rated children’s movies? A valid question but also one that indicates a lack of good taste on your part. I first found myself watching the two movie masterpieces … Continue reading Sobbing While Watching “Paddington” In Library West

Red (Taylor’s Version) Is Here 

Written by: Daniella Conde Copyedited by: Yamika Ramesh “Red” is easily one of Taylor Swift’s most recognizable albums, and she has taken ownership of it in true Taylor fashion - with grace, red lipstick and joyous fanfare. On June 18, 2021, Taylor announced the release date of the re-recording; since then, fans have emotionally prepared … Continue reading Red (Taylor’s Version) Is Here 

Review of Midpoint Eatery

Written by: Zoe Golomb Making its debut back in March 2021, Midpoint Park & Eatery seemed poised to become one of Gainesville’s trendiest new food spots. With a rotating number of food trucks, gorgeous outdoor space and plenty of seating, Midpoint is the perfect place to grab a bite with friends and unwind after class … Continue reading Review of Midpoint Eatery