What is Hyperpop?

Written by: Brian Paulsen Unnaturally pitched vocals, a heavy dose of synth and lyrics that blend self-aware jokes with more somber, angst-ridden refrains. This is how one could begin to describe hyperpop, a music style that has recently begun making waves in the music industry. However, it’s difficult to fully summarize the genre in a… Continue reading What is Hyperpop?

COVID-19 & The Performing Arts: A World Without Theatre

Written by: Daniella Conde When COVID-19 came along and turned our world upside down, in-person theatre performances became nonexistent. In an effort to curb exposure and comply with physical distancing requirements, theaters all over the world have closed down. Many performing arts institutions have begun to offer virtual performances, but the theatre community is undoubtedly… Continue reading COVID-19 & The Performing Arts: A World Without Theatre

PRISM Reviews ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.’

Written by Chloe Campbell From Aug. 30 to Sept. 22, 2019, the Hippodrome Theatre in Downtown Gainesville hosted “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.” The five-time Tony Award-winning play was written by Simon Stephens and directed by Ralf Remshardt, a professor of theatre at the University of Florida. Based on the 2003… Continue reading PRISM Reviews ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.’

What it’s like seeing 1984 in 2017

By: Tori Chin “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” Sound familiar? George Orwell’s classic novel and popular high school required-reading “1984” hit the stage recently and provides more than just two hours of entertainment. While I was unable to see the Broadway play starring Olivia Wilde and Tom Sturridge, Gainesville’s Hippodrome Theatre… Continue reading What it’s like seeing 1984 in 2017

X Ambassadors Take the Stage

By: Stephanie Strickland Olivia Elmo was ecstatic to walk off Flavet Field Thursday with a souvenir -- X Ambassadors’ Adam Levin’s drumstick. “The show was a dream come true,” the UF anthropology sophomore said as she clutched the drumstick, which was thrown into the crowd just minutes earlier. Elmo has been following the X Ambassadors… Continue reading X Ambassadors Take the Stage

Prism Picks: Spooky Movies

By: Claire Layton Halloween is the perfect time to break out spooky movies, but it only happens once a year. With so many entertainment options it might seem impossible to choose how to best spend your time. Here are a few Halloween movie recommendations from Honors students to help you get started this October. “Coraline” Genre:… Continue reading Prism Picks: Spooky Movies

REVIEW: “La La Land” gives dynamic performances with Old Hollywood style

Leah Palmer Hollywood has long given moviegoers a respite from daily life. In today’s age of carefully crafted realism and cynicism in film, it’s often easy to long for the proverbial "old Hollywood," with its lush storytelling and sparkling visuals, lamenting that “they don’t make ‘em like that anymore.” Well turns out, they do. "La… Continue reading REVIEW: “La La Land” gives dynamic performances with Old Hollywood style