PRISM Picks Funky Fashion: Trends of the last decade

Story by Chloe Campbell In the 2010s, movies, TV, and fashion consistently featured throwbacks to the 1980s and 1990s. As the decade comes to a close, PRISM takes a look at all those funky fashion trends you may have forgotten.  2010: Silly for Silly Bandz The coolest kids in 2010 had sleeves of Silly Bandz … Continue reading PRISM Picks Funky Fashion: Trends of the last decade

PRISM Picks: In the Reads

BY KATHERINE JOVANOVIC Lauren Stewart, 23-year-old owner and artist of bookstagram (book instagram) account @in.the.reads, greets J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth everyday as she walks into her office. The map aficionado recently completed her goal of creating a wall-sized map, which she estimated required fifty hours of painting. She said the most difficult aspects involved measuring and … Continue reading PRISM Picks: In the Reads

Five books you should (and can!) read in college

BY LEAH PALMER College students hardly ever get a break to scan the stacks of Library West for a new book to read, much less time to actually read them. But don’t panic: we at PRISM have cut out some of that legwork for you and hand-picked five amazing books, ranging from biographies to anthologies. … Continue reading Five books you should (and can!) read in college

Prism Picks: It Movie

By: Marianna Colon Throughout the film industry, many directors take on the challenge of remaking a famous movie. However, many of these films do not gain critical or societal acclaim.. New Line Cinema production defied these odds and struck gold with Stephen King’s  IT. This terrifying thriller is a remake of the 1990’s TV mini- series, … Continue reading Prism Picks: It Movie

Prism Picks: Turtles All the Way Down

By: Katherine Jovanovic John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars, told an Orlando audience of about 1130 that his fear of eating certain foods once controlled his life. John Green and his brother, Hank Green, spoke at Winter Park High School, Hank Green’s alma mater, on October 16 as part of John Green’s … Continue reading Prism Picks: Turtles All the Way Down

Prism Picks: Spooky Movies

By: Claire Layton Halloween is the perfect time to break out spooky movies, but it only happens once a year. With so many entertainment options it might seem impossible to choose how to best spend your time. Here are a few Halloween movie recommendations from Honors students to help you get started this October. “Coraline” Genre: … Continue reading Prism Picks: Spooky Movies

Designated Survivor

LIVIA LEDBETTER Fresh from the 2016 presidential election, many have ogled in amazement, fear and some combination of the two at Donald Trump’s victory. His claim to the presidency has come as quite a shock to many. However, while unexpected, it was a feasible reality. In contrast, take for example fictional President Tom Kirkman’s rise … Continue reading Designated Survivor