the salt of the ocean//the sand of the shore

Poem by: Kayla Ehrlich Copy-edited by: Pranav Gupta Illustration by: Campbell Lackey I’ve stood at the cusp of the earth where nothing but scuttling crabs and drifting gulls  ever dare to wander there are no footprints at least, none that remain untouched by the passing waves the melting, running foam that leave everything and nothing … Continue reading the salt of the ocean//the sand of the shore

The Value of Education

Poem by: Caroline Levine The value of education is more than we can mine. But without our values no gold, will we find.  Excellence can be seen inthe glitter of all gold. But what use is a shining stone—torn from land, unknown—if the world so readilyforgets all integrityand stores it on its own? With excellence, comes responsibility. And, in this, … Continue reading The Value of Education

What’s Left

Poem by: Jacob SteinCopyedited by: Tara Kari Long days in the study rooms of Hume,Bike rides past the sewer smoke fumes,Classrooms full of sleepy-eyed students,Decals, of which TAPS saw prudent,Crowded stairwellsAnd teary-eyed farewellsThe raucous graduationsOf which the stadiumBecame Grand Central Station. Scooters and cars Jockeying for positionRacing to the barsTo exchange money for drinkOn their own … Continue reading What’s Left