Written by: Ronak Kanodia

It felt like he was lost deep in a dream,
Wandering a crumbling kingdom, the end of a regime.
An ocean of black clouding his eyes,
The feeling of peace, a cacophony of lies

A single trail awaits, clouded in mist,
A now-black dolphin in a tale with a twist,
All alone with a legacy that was his to hold,
And a better future to carefully mold.

For months he wandered on treacherous and dark a road,
Filled with emotion and bearing a heavy load.
So began a long trek to stop this disease,
To finally find peace and hope he could seize.

At times there would be a shadow — an omen of dark,
But at others would be a single, bright spark.
A blink of light, a beacon of hope,
Another way to silently cope.

Years of searching led him to a kind crew,
And with their help “Rebirth” began anew.
Ignorance now vanquished from ocean to ocean,
Just a now-black dolphin had set this in motion.

However, one thing with which I now have to agree,
Is that with light comes shadows, even in the sea.
And so a grievous storm loomed from a sinful shore,
Bringing with it an enemy they had thought was no more.

And so, once more in the water oil was set free,
As if attesting that happiness was not meant to be.
And again an ocean of black clouded our dolphin’s sight,
Leaving him lost, looking for light…
…Until this time he lost the fight.

He slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean floor,
This beloved dolphin and a friend whom I adore.
This dolphin that had survived an oil spill that night,
This now-black dolphin just trying to make a wrong a right.
Just one mistake sending all his dreams…