With registration approaching, Honors students have the opportunity to sign up for unique, fascinating Honors courses. Here’s a guide to finding the perfect course for Fall 2018.

If you want to work with top faculty, sign up for a Signature Seminar course. The Extreme Cosmos will expose students to physical extremities of the universe, and Tumor Science and Engineering will engage students with the medicine, science and engineering behind cancer treatment. Dr. Mark Law, the director of the Honors Program, said the courses will not be open to freshmen.

“We want students with some interest either professionally or personally in the topic,” Law said. “Students should sign up if they want to meet and interact with top researchers on campus in an area they want to be exposed to.”

If you like social issues or pop culture, check out The Hate U Give or 13 Reasons Why. The Hate U Give draws from Angie Thomas’ novel in relation to race, identity, activism and more. 13 Reasons Why explores Jay Asher’s text and Netflix series, attempting to answer questions regarding the controversial nature of suicide and the hope for change.

If you like classic literature, there are (Un)common Reads for “The Odyssey,” “The Seagull,” “The Decameron” and more.

If you like the environment, When the Rivers Run Dry stresses the importance of water locally, nationally and globally. Additionally, Deltas and Humans touches on the relationships between deltas and humans and the future response to global flooding.

If you like medicine, Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience discusses major cognitive activities of the brain and neurobehavioral research. Evolving Perspectives in Modern Healthcare breaks down the evolution of healthcare in the past forty years.

If you like science fiction, What Makes a Monster will examine the relationship between monsters and society. With the 200th anniversary of “Frankenstein,” the course will center on reiterations of Shelley’s monster in addition to creating an exhibit at the Harn Museum of Art.

As this guide only represents a fraction of the Honors courses out there, check out the entire list at