“If I get it, I get it, so what?”

Written by Brenden BerriosCopyedited by Stephanie Cobb It’s 8:29 a.m. on Day 192 of quarantine and after snoozing my alarm for the fourth time, I roll out of my bed and into my desk chair just in time for my first lecture of the day. As my classmates join the call, I take a peek… Continue reading “If I get it, I get it, so what?”

What Honors course are you going to sign up for?

BY KATHERINE JOVANOVIC With registration approaching, Honors students have the opportunity to sign up for unique, fascinating Honors courses. Here’s a guide to finding the perfect course for Fall 2018. If you want to work with top faculty, sign up for a Signature Seminar course. The Extreme Cosmos will expose students to physical extremities of… Continue reading What Honors course are you going to sign up for?