By Cresonia Hsieh

Freshman, Journalism Major

1)    Wear excessive amounts of gator gear.

Freshmen 1


2)    Believe this lion is merely a symbol of creative expression.

Freshmen 2

3)   Still attend class everyday.

Freshmen 3

4)   Are always being asked, “What is the Good Life?”

Freshmen 4

5)   Have to use this app constantly.

Freshmen 5

6)   … Or if you don’t understand this one

Freshmen 6Freshmen 7

7)   End up missing the bus and end up looking something like this.

Freshmen 8

8)   Have a UF Facebook class page that looks like this.

Freshmen 9

Freshmen 10

9)   … Or is filled with people doing variations of this.


10) Look, more or less, like this – HAPPY!


Have a great first year, freshmen!