Why It’s Okay to be a Non-STEM Major

By Cresonia Hsieh Freshman, Journalism Major It seems to be the trend in America to emphasize the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors and devalue the significance of non-STEM/ humanities majors. These sentiments are being felt especially among Florida post-secondary institutions because of Governor Rick Scott’s recent proposal to raise the tuition… Continue reading Why It’s Okay to be a Non-STEM Major

Scholar Highlight: Kyle Chesney

By Michael Chiang Sophomore, Biochemistry Major Kyle Chesney was the picture of mediocrity in high school. Earning the frustration of his teachers and an infamous reputation for being a troublemaker, some would say that his acceptance into university was nothing short of a miracle. Now in his junior year, that same lazy kid has grown… Continue reading Scholar Highlight: Kyle Chesney

Dorm Friendly Recipes: Ham & Cheese Braid

By Cassidy Whitson Sophomore, Journalism Major Just because college is hectic doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice good eating! Skip the dining hall one night and make this quick and easy recipe that always reminds me of mom’s ham and cheese sandwiches from elementary school - with a sophisticated twist. Pair this with some Campbell’s… Continue reading Dorm Friendly Recipes: Ham & Cheese Braid

You Know You’re a UF Freshman if You…

By Cresonia Hsieh Freshman, Journalism Major 1)    Wear excessive amounts of gator gear.   2)    Believe this lion is merely a symbol of creative expression. 3)   Still attend class everyday. 4)   Are always being asked, “What is the Good Life?" 5)   Have to use this app constantly. 6)   … Or if you don’t understand… Continue reading You Know You’re a UF Freshman if You…

A Strong Season Ahead

By Cassidy Whitson Sophomore, Journalism Major Its September, y’all! While everyone is excited about different things – the return of the pumpkin spice latte, breaking out those boots, the first day with a slight chill in the air – we can agree that Gator football brings us all together. The game day atmosphere is like nothing else. Ending… Continue reading A Strong Season Ahead