Written by: Zoe Golomb

Making its debut back in March 2021, Midpoint Park & Eatery seemed poised to become one of Gainesville’s trendiest new food spots. With a rotating number of food trucks, gorgeous outdoor space and plenty of seating, Midpoint is the perfect place to grab a bite with friends and unwind after class while enjoying the beautiful fall weather. 

Unfortunately, Midpoint has not exactly lived up to all expectations. At its peak, Midpoint once hosted up to four food trucks with cuisine ranging from poke bowls to traditional American fare. However, Midpoint’s numbers have dwindled. The eatery now only hosts two food trucks, providing disappointingly few options for an establishment that brands itself through its supposedly unique variety of food. Despite these reservations, I kept an open mind as I tried out Midpoint’s two current food truck offerings.

The first of the food trucks I decided to try out was Mexi Cocina. As one of Midpoint Eatery’s inaugural trucks, Mexi Cocina has been at Midpoint since its opening—and with good reason. Known for their birria tacos, Mexi Cocina also has an extensive menu boasting quesadillas, a range of appetizers, and a “Hamburguesa,” a Mexican take on a traditional American hamburger. My favorite item on the menu was the Elote Callejero, Mexican street corn with a smokey mayo sauce. Mexi Cocina occasionally also adds a unique dessert to their menu. With an innovative rotating menu and wide variety of food, Mexi Cocina offers something for everyone and I can’t wait to return.

Although thoroughly impressed by Mexi Cocina, I can’t necessarily say the same for Plantology. While I’m not a vegan myself, I do often opt for vegetarian dishes and was excited to give Plantology a try. Plantology offers a refreshing take on vegan comfort food, with a menu ranging from barbecue “mac n’ cheeze” to “chick’n” sandwiches, and is a necessary addition to the park as Mexi Cocina offers few meatless options. I decided to try out the Buffalo Ranch Chick’n Mac n’ Cheeze, one of their more popular items on the menu, with their famous chick’n fries on the side. While the mac n’ cheeze itself was tasty, the heavy combination of sauces and soy-based “chick’n” made for a somewhat overpowering and rich dish. However, the chick’n fries were some of the best alternatives to chicken tenders I’ve tried. While I do wish Plantology offered some lighter fare, the restaurant does offer some pretty comparable alternatives to classic comfort food dishes that I find highly commendable.

Despite my few criticisms of Midpoint Eatery, I believe most of these shortcomings are temporary. Although currently undergoing a restaurant turnover in the midst of a slow season, with a beautiful venue, a great location in the heart of Gainesville, and even the occasional live music event, Midpoint Park & Eatery is well on its way to sealing its spot as a Gainesville staple.