Written by: Karina Bravo

On Feb. 26, the UF Honors Program welcomed 1,549 applicants to join its class of 2025.

Receiving just over 11,300 applications, the Honors Program saw an acceptance rate of about 13.7% this year – a slight increase from 2020’s acceptance rate of 13.3%. The accepted class had an average GPA of 4.67, an average SAT of 1497 and ACT of 34. The program also welcomed eight Lombardi Scholars and three Stamps Scholars who were hand-selected from a pool of over 200 nominees by distinguished Honors faculty. 

Through general admission, UF accepted 15,220 students out of a record applicant pool of 52,513 for an acceptance rate of 28.9%. Accepted students had an average GPA of 4.51, an average SAT of 1392 and ACT of 31. The university expects 6,400 students to enroll.

This year was an especially competitive year for the university and the Honors Program. Prospective students worked to complete their applications under the added stress of the pandemic which has made for an unconventional college admissions season.

Claudia Johnson of St. Petersburg, Florida was one accepted Honors student. Currently attending school remotely, she said getting accepted to UF was the highlight of her week. “I was so excited to see the confetti that I stopped reading the letter and didn’t know I was accepted to the Honors Program until 30 minutes later,” Johnson said.

As an IB student, Claudia enjoyed the benefits of the program within her large school and hopes to gain the same intimate learning and social experience in the Honors Program. Claudia will join the Gator Nation this fall and is excited to pursue involvement opportunities and live on campus at Hume Hall. She hopes to major in economics on the pre-law track.

As the class of 2025 continues to take shape, Honors students look forward to welcoming the next generation of Uncommon Scholars to our community.