Written by Daniella Conde

Gainesville is home to a wide array of local coffee shops, each of them unique and intent on providing high-quality coffee drinks along with characterizing atmospheres. If you ask any student at the University of Florida, they will most likely have a favorite one. 

I, for one, have made it a priority to visit as many Gainesville coffee shops as possible. As a coffee aficionado and someone who likes to find any excuse to explore, I have thoroughly enjoyed narrowing down my list of favorite places to get my daily fix of caffeine. 

While I favor different coffee shops for different reasons, Concord Coffee possesses a certain quality that I have not found anywhere else, both in and out of Gainesville. Before you even step through the front door, you are greeted by a sign that says:

“All are welcome here. 
Whatever your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religious background or belief, age or condition of ableness, 
At Gator Wesley and Concord Coffee, we share in a belief that you are all equally loved and valued as part of this community.”

Concord highlights inclusivity and diversity in a way that is revolutionary for a small business in a college town. It is common knowledge that college students undergo significant amounts of stress. Many of us are struggling to come to terms with who we are, and who we want to be. An atmosphere that is accepting and reminds us that we matter is so important. Additionally, a positive workspace can be extremely beneficial for students, especially while we take online classes. Concord is the perfect place to complete our extra hours of screen time. 

The atmosphere pairs perfectly with the drink menu, which includes craft coffee, teas on tap, syrups made in-house, and more. Their coffee is expertly brewed, and the baristas are intimidatingly skilled at creating beautiful latte art. Ordering a drink at Concord Coffee is not just a way to get a caffeine jolt, it is an experience. 

Concord’s welcoming, calming atmosphere and delicious coffee have proved attractive to University of Florida students. Jacob Hyde, 22, said his favorite thing about Concord is being able to interact with the baristas, whom he described as genuine and kind. Kelly Kisida, 20, said she loves the “supportive environment, cute study space, and great coffee.”

I have visited more coffeeshops than I am inclined to reveal, but none seems to measure up to Concord’s product and ambience. Their partnership with Gator Wesley, the United Methodist campus ministry, has allowed for an authentic community to become the backbone of Concord’s customer base. The inspired and familiar atmosphere is sure to provide the perfect location to sip on your drink and get to work. 

If you have not yet tried Concord, be sure to check it out next time you are looking for quality coffee or a place to study!