Written by Nikita Patel

You may break us down 
Into shards of razor-thin glass 
That tumble from the upper-sphere
Like a hurricane of deadly hail
You may splinter our broken hearts
Until our breath is crimson-red 
And our wings of stellar hope 
Are tattered and maimed

You locked us in a house of glass
That reeks of lime and loneliness 
You laugh at our failed attempts
To wash you out of our waning lives
With salty bleach and stinging tears
You gleam at our ailing breaths
When your knife seeks home
Into our tormented, pained souls

But when there stands a deadly end
There waits a renewed beginning 
A reborn light at the end of the tunnel
An aspiration for a better tomorrow 
As the hopes of today join hands
As our voices mingle in congruity
A higher and deeper love calls for us 
To lead us into a future of hope

We rise, a force against your storm
To break your tide of pain and anguish 
To fight the etiolated forces of malefic
To stand against your swords of death
Not just to build renewed days of light
But to remember the days of dark 
To honor and love the fallen and lost
And to stand together as one force of hope