“Alright team. Today’s mission is a tough one.”

“But it seems so far out of reach!”

“Nonsense. We have a strategy. Now, I’m going to need your full cooperation. It’s not going to be easy, I can tell you that. We have spent months devising this plan and I am putting my faith in this team. Don’t let me down.”

The shadowy figures sat beneath the dim glow of a light post amidst a thick fog. In the distance, they could see the first glimmer of sunrise about to emerge from behind the French Fries. Time was of the essence.

“Now this is the plan.” A piercing silence. “We must be quick. We must be precise. We must make this stakeout worthwhile.”

The team was ready. Each moved swiftly in silence to the assigned posts. Sunlight struck Turlington Plaza. Century Tower chimed. The locks on Marston’s doors clanked open.


The team sprang into action, and the plan was underway.

“Good work team. We’ve done it!” They sat around the table and beamed with pride. “We have accomplished what once seemed impossible.” They had finally done it. Though seemingly unheard of, they managed to secure a table in the Marston basement during finals week.

“So, same time tomorrow?”