1. What is your preferred method of transportation to get to Hogwarts?

a. The Hogwarts Express

b. A flying car

c. Riding a boat across the lake

d. By thestral

  1. What do you do during the Sorting Ceremony?

a. Cheer on the new first years!

b. You actually missed the ceremony as you were a bit preoccupied

c. Analyze the first years and scope out the new competition

d. Think about the good food and hang out

  1. The owls just came flying into the dining hall! What did you receive?

a. A letter from mum and a few galleons to spend on sweets

b. A Howler – it’s crazy how your mum finds out about everything

c. Little trinkets that you can show off to your friends

d. A Remberall to help you remember what you’ve forgotten

  1. You just got busted and sent to detention! What did you do?

a. Showed up to class a little too late

b. Journeyed to forbidden floors

c. Stayed in the library after hours

d. Your friend got you in trouble

  1. What’s your Hogwarts house?

a. Hufflepuff

b. Gryffindor

c. Ravenclaw

d. Slytherin

  1. Looking back on all of your years at Hogwarts, who was your favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor?

a. Remus Lupin

b. Alastor Moody

c. Severus Snape

d. Gilderoy Lockhart

  1. While at a Dumbledore’s Army meeting, Harry asks you to perform your favorite spell. What spell did you do?

a. Riddikulus

b. Expelliarmus

c. Lumos

d. Obliviate

  1. Your house just won a Quidditch match! You celebrate by…

a. Celebrating with the rest of your house in the Common Area

b. Hopping on your broom and flying around

c. Attending festivities for a bit before you return to studying for O.W.L.S.

d. Planning an awesome prank on your rival team—let them know who’s superior!

  1. What is your dream job in the Wizarding World?

a. Competing as a Quidditch Athlete

b. Serving the Wizarding World as an auror

c. Becoming a headmaster/headmistress

d. Working in the Ministry of Magic

  1. What is your role in the Battle of Hogwarts?

a. Gathering all the first years and geting them to safety

b. Pulling out your wand and participating in combat

c. Working in the dining hall, trying to heal those who come in injured

d. Preparing the castle and all its magical defenses for battle


If you got mostly “A” – You should take an (Un)Common Art or Read! You’re here for a good time and find things to enjoy and you always choose interests that increase your happiness. Take a look at all the (Un)Common courses and find something that catches your eye.

If you got mostly “B” – Take a Professional Development class! You’re adventurous and always setting out to try out new things. You can take a ProDev class about CALS, Journalism, Engineering, or Exploring Medicine Through Streaming Media.

If you got mostly “C” –  You should take an Interdisciplinary Course! You are always trying to learn everything that you possibly can. You can take a class about Statistics and Lies, Puerto Ricans in the U.S., Impact of Chemistry on Society, and the Poetics of Justice.

If you got mostly “D” – You should take a Signature Seminar! You’re breezing through and really enjoying learning about things that interest you. In a signature seminar, you can listen to researchers share their area of expertise – but you do need to contact Dr. Law!


For more information about the Honors Courses and their descriptions for Spring 2019, check out the University of Florida’s Honors website.