We live in Florida, which is known for a lot of rain and the frequent hurricanes. Being in college, we often joke around about how we are “adulting” and we experience things on our own. So in the event that a hurricane is headed right for “Rainesville”, do you know how to be prepared in your dorm?

In the event that a hurricane is coming its way, you need to get in contact with your family to plan out just exactly what you are going to do. It really is handy to have this plan thought out in advance, right before the semester begins. For many students, they choose to stay in the dorms and wait out the storm – if possible, of course. Whether or not you live in Hume East or Hume West,  the importance of being prepared is just the same.

Usually when a hurricane hits, power is lost and communication can become spotty. If you lose cell service, think of a back up plan in order to let your family know that you are okay and safe. Aside from that, gather a list of important phone numbers just in case you need this information. Something that is becoming popular now is adding a contact in your phone that lists “In Case of an Emergency,” with a parent or family number’s contact information.

Now, getting hurricane ready in a dorm is not as labor intensive as getting a house prepared. You don’t need to board your windows up with wood and put tape all over it. Instead, you should have an emergency hurricane kit. This kid should have basic items such as batteries, a flashlight, a first aid kid, and any prescription medication that you use. Aside from these necessary items, a kit can also include items such as a portable charger, a battery-operated radio, cash, snacks, and non-prescription medicine.

To keep yourself healthy and happy, make sure that you have enough drinking water for yourself – the recommended amount is a gallon a day – so that you do not get dehydrated. Getting water early is crucial because when a hurricane truly is approaching, stores often times look like they have been hit by the zombie apocalypse and basic things such as gallons of water can be hard to come by. For food, set aside from non-perishable items that do not require electricity to prepare, such as canned soups. If you end up not using these canned goods during the hurricane, make sure to donate them after to a local food pantry.

So what happens when Hume is being hit with hurricane force winds and your power goes out? You play games! Some people consider days off due to hurricanes to be boring because you can’t go outside. This problem can be avoided by buying things such as a new book, art supplies, or even board games to keep you occupied during the storm. You may even be able to get together in the common area and have a game night with your fellow neighbors. Hurricanes can be a great way to get to know each other because you may have nothing else to do other than talk!

Now that we are in hurricane season and Hurricane Michael is fast approaching, it is important that we do not fret too much as the storm approaches. Being prepared can make all the difference for anybody in a hurricane’s path and will certainly make life a lot easier.