Coming up with six reasons why I love myself was extremely difficult for me. But, it shouldn’t be. Even though us millennials are products of a selfie-taking, seemingly narcissistic generation, it is ok to list reasons why you love yourself. Whether you are single or in a relationship or somewhere else on the spectrum this Valentine’s Day, take the time to remind yourself of the things that make you unique. Here are some things I enjoy about myself to get you started.

  1. I pay the $5 monthly Spotify Premium fee. I love myself for this because it allows me to have 24/7 access to an early 2000s hip-hop playlist. There is no better Valentine’s Day gift to myself than the nonstop nostalgia Beyonce’s “Love On Top” brings.
  2. I’m an extremely punctual person. If I’m not at least 15 minutes early to everything, my palms sweat and my heart races. This is the one instance where I can thank my anxiety.
  3. I’m named after a Rolling Stone’s song. Do yourself a favor and listen to “Angie.” It’s great.
  4. I stopped being afraid to do things by myself. After the awkwardness of my freshman year in college wore off, I stopped caring if I had to be alone. Not in the dark, depressing kind of way, but in the empowering kind of way. In my second year, I have allowed myself to seek out personal interests and passions even if that meant going to some meeting or event without the security blanket of a friend. I have attended movies, coffee shops and dinner dates by myself, and it turns out I enjoy the alone time.
  5. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump.
  6. I have a genuine interest in humanity. I am energized by meeting new people and understanding them. I fell in love with reading literature and writing because I want to know about the human experience. Each person has an incredibly interesting story waiting to be heard.