Photo by Steph Strickland


At the University of Florida, you will find that one of our most distinguishing features is the marvelous constant construction on campus. The relentless sound of jackhammers, saws, and the beeps of construction vehicles becomes almost a kind of music to the ears of any Florida Gator.

When walking the beautifully manicured grounds of the university, be sure to stop by the Reitz Union to admire the scaffolding that covers half the building. In particular, notice the workers installing new railings around the Reitz—the most excellent use of two million dollars of school funds possible.

Photo by Steph Strickland

While you continue your walk around the Reitz Union, gaze in wonder at the dump trucks and piles of dirt that are visible over the lovely green barricades by the Reitz lawn, marking what will eventually be the new engineering building. It is a sight every Gator will eventually have to see (and hear) so it is fundamental that you achieve the experience now.

When finally entering the Reitz, any person who is a lover of the urban decay aesthetic will have to stop to marvel at the open ceiling of dangling wires, air vents, and pipes glimmering around them. It is truly a must-see for any artistic Gator.

Photo by Steph Strickland

Just this past summer the intersection of Gale Lemerand and Stadium Road was closed for construction, giving students the perfect opportunity to figure out how many times they could count the cars in front of them, and the beautiful trees and clouds around them as they sat in their cars in the midst of heavy traffic and confusion.

Embracing this endless cacophony that strikes all your senses as you make your way across the university campus will allow you an ice-breaker with fellow students, and undoubtedly, memories that will permeate long after you have walked across the football field. It is an inevitable annoyance, but one that can eventually be appreciated.