Mindful Honors Gators


Mindful Honors Gators (MHG) is a new student organization founded by sophomore Morgan Browning that promotes mindfulness and wellness encompassed by aspects of art, yoga, music, and nature. MHG’s kickoff event took place on Sept. 21, 2016. Students met in front of Hume and walked over to Plaza of the Americas where a gong meditation was held in celebration of the International Day of Peace.

“We definitely didn’t have a big turnout… I am still encouraged because I know it is midterm season, and I received interest from at least 5-7 others who were in class,” Browning said.


Browning is also receiving assistance from sophomore Alexandra Bechtle; the two are working to reach as many students as possible and provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the group’s initiative. Stress is a serious issue amongst college students, especially Honors students, and because of this, MHG aims to bring attention to the importance of mental health. According to Browning, the theme of the group will remain: “empowering leaders through encouraging members to build their resume and their confidence by leading a session and teaching one of their hobbies and passions.”

Future events for MHG include attending CREATE Club art activities, Harn Museum Nights, University Auditorium Concerts, Yoga Classes and meditation, pottery, and nature walks on campus and in Gainesville. Overall, the club’s goal is to motivate students to take time for themselves, learn new things, be healthy, happy, and meet new friends.

“My goal is to end the year with a group of students who believe in it and want to grow the organization for the following year. Also on a personal basis, I’d like members to learn a new hobby, teach an old one, make a new friend, and find an upper class mentor,” Browning said.

MHG will be hosting an event at Butterfly Fest on Oct.1; members will be meeting at 12:30 p.m. at Hume. If interested contact Morgan Browning at morganbrowning@ufl.edu.


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