The Center for European Studies (CES) held its first of many events, its Open House, for the current academic year in late August. CES Open House was an opportunity for students who wanted to know more about its relationship to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. While the free food garnered much attention, the information and CES connections offered were the center of the event.

CES offers a variety of educational opportunities, as well as opportunities to further one’s understanding of Europe. Not only does CES offer languages such as Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Turkish and Greek, but it also fosters study abroad or immersion programs, many of which are supported by travel grants and language fellowships. Some CES courses offered include “Urban Cultures”, “Migration, Race & Ethnicity”, “Greece, Turkey & the World” and “Secret Police Under Communism.” However, CES is not solely focused on coursework; it also hosts several events that keep students engaged at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. On Sept. 15 a Brexit Roundtable is being held and on Oct. 31 a Crime Literature Panel will be introduced. Student internships for all semesters are available within CES.

“[CES is a valuable resource for me because] ideally I want to go into law school and work with International Humanitarian Law. [CES] gives me a chance to learn more about the different cultures of Europe and what’s best for the people I would be impacting,” Honors freshman Erin Connors said.

Overall, CES offers a large amount of information and support for students interested in Europe, no matter their majors. If interested in any CES opportunities, they have encouraged visiting their webpage (, sending an email to, or liking their Facebook page (

Photography: Pristina Kuo