ASHLEIGH BRAUNfork and pasta 1

A new restaurant established itself as a vital part of the Gainesville scene about six months ago. Fork and Pasta, a build-your-own pasta establishment, has quickly captured the hearts–and stomachs–of UF students. The restaurant’s convenient location on University Avenue right across from campus makes it a quick and easy place to stop and eat.

Owner and founder Netta Kaiden said the concept for Fork and Pasta was inspired by food he experienced in other countries. He dreamed of bringing the idea to the United States. The concept of build-your-own fascinates people, especially hungry students who are craving a hearty portion of delicious comfort food. One thing that makes this restaurant unique is that the pasta, which Kaiden learned to make from his mother, is made in house daily with fresh sauce and high quality ingredients. “My goal is to enrich the students by giving them high quality food for a good price,” Kaiden said.

Fork and Pasta has done so well that Kaiden plans to start new ventures implementing late night and early morning hours. This means serving made-to-order paninis and egg waffles, a desert concept from China, until 3 a.m., and breakfast sandwhiches beginning early in the morning.

The restaurant’s convenient location on University Avenue, right across from campus, makes it a quick and easy place to stop and eat.

Kaiden also has plans to redesign the menu with half-size portions including combinations of pasta, salad, and paninis. In the future, he hopes to expand Fork and Pasta to more locations across the United States. There is no doubt that Fork and Pasta will continue to thrive, as it gives students a unique food experience with fresh, homemade ingredients and no shortage of flavor. This restaurant has quickly become a student favorite and will undoubtedly continue to be for years to come.