Matt Sorree

I recently read about one man’s transition into society after several decades of imprisonment. When he went to downtown Manhattan, he thought that people with white earbuds must be part of a government conspiracy driven by new technology—either spies or brainwashed robots. To an outsider of the 21st century, the prospect of carrying a personal library of sound with you everywhere and anywhere is certainly daunting. Taking a step back and looking around our campus, a remarkable number of people walk around listening to music here, too. As someone who spends a fair deal of time listening to or thinking about music, it strikes me that many people find it important enough to constantly have music playing in their lives. With this, I have always wondered: what are those people listening to? I decided to find out, stopping people around campus to ask what song they were currently playing. The results were strikingly diverse: no song repeated and genres spanned from Christian music to dancehall to hard rock and most everywhere in between. It showed that no matter the range of music I think I’ve discovered from writing this column for the past year-and-a-half, there is always more out there. Below are my results, the fifteen songs I found people listening to on campus:

Alt-J: “Fitzpleasure”

“Into the Woods,” title track from the musical

Bynon and Bishøp: “Hey Hey”

Depeche Mode: “Enjoy the Silence”

Dispatch: “The General”

Israel Houghton: “Jesus at the Center”

“A Million Miles Away,” from the musical Aladdin

J. Cole: “Wet Dreamz”

DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine: “Middle”

Moth: “Hellyeah”

Taylor Swift: “Welcome to New York”

Aidonia: “Nuh Boring Gyal”

Pixies: “Debaser”

Future: “Purple Reign”

Fun: “The Gambler”

Photograph by Keyon Aghajan