What’s a yellow fruit with a distinct smell?

A girl named Marley knows all too well.

She hates bananas more than you know,

And being in a room with them is a big “no.”

The smell of bananas ruins her attitude.

As a joke, her friends hid them in her food.

Marley Preston

If you think this is weird, then please read on,

Elena’s fear of milk is more than strong

She drank it through her elementary years,

But too much milk caused this full blown fear.

Her friends gave her milk for April Fools’ Day,

And now when she sees milk, she runs away.

Elena Pastore

Finally there’s Patrick who is scared of teeth,

His early years were filled with grief.

Patrick’s baby teeth never fell out,

So he had 19 pulled – yes he kept count.

It traumatized Patrick beyond belief,

And now he’s scared he’ll chip his teeth.

Patrick Collins

So if you think your fears are big,

I hope this poem disproves that myth.