Winter Fashion


Ellen Straub



“I like being able to layer things together. My go-to technique in the winter is adding a cardigan to summer clothes.”

Mary Sullivan


“I love boots. I got these at TJ Maxx. They’re great for walking long distances across campus while still looking stylish.”

Eion Blanchard


“Winter is an excuse to wear all black, but I add some grey for variety and an edge. I love turtle necks because I’m already 6 3 and I love looking taller.”

Emily McTiernan


“Boots (high or low) dress up an outfit for winter. You can wear real clothes that are comfy that are still nice.”

Lindsay Abbott


“My favorite piece of winter fashion is leggings. Super comfy. And layering randomly. Oversized sweaters and leggings are my go to. Comfort is the biggest thing. You can be comfy and chic.”

Rachel Jacobson


“I really enjoy wearing long scarves and socks. You can dress up an outfit with just a scarf and socks make an outfit super comfy.”

Prachi Patel


“For winter clothes, I love having a staple coat. I like having a variety of coats with long boots, because that’s classic for the winter time. I love mixing patterns and materials, because it makes your look more dynamic.”

Carley Butdof


“I think my favorite art about winter clothes is the fact that I have more cute winter clothes, so I can dress up everyday instead of wearing t-shirts and norts. I love layering, and I enjoy wearing a sweater and a jacket on top with a blingy necklace.”



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