Because it’s a leap year, 2016 will have 366 days rather than the usual 365. Here are some suggestions on how you can spend that extra day this year.


  1. Skip Class

Binge-watch Youtube conspiracy theory videos while simultaneously binge-eating Easy Mac. When you can feel the night coming through your window, close your laptop and return your mother’s phone call.


  1. Attempt to Justify Your Life Choices

Conduct routine maintenance for preserving your sense of purpose and preventing existential crisis. Self-validation can be tedious, but everyone’s got to do it sometime.


  1. Wake up at 3 p.m.

Stare at the digital display on your alarm clock. Open snapchat. Stare at yourself in the same way. Go back to bed.


  1. Summon a Legion of Feral Cats

Fill your pockets with Meow Mix and sprinkle generous amounts around the perimeter of your residence hall’s bike rack. If this doesn’t prevent bike theft, perhaps nothing can.


  1. Fall in Love

Wear your favorite hat to hide your uncombed hair. Spot your tragic hero getting off the bus as you wait to order a chicken sandwich inside. As they put in the second earbud and walk away, convince yourself that you’ll find each other when the time is right.