Photo by Lloyd Justo

Spring semester means spring break, midterms (like always), and studying. With all that work, who has time to make their own food or even eat healthy food in general? Others worry about the expense of fresh fruit of vegetables. However, eating foods in season is less expensive, while the food is fresher. If Publix does not fit your budget, there are other more affordable local options. You can visit the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoons downtown or Ward’s Supermarket on 23rd Ave. It is not hard to find healthy, simple, and fast snacks to keep the brain churning during those late night study sessions.


February marks the beginning of the strawberry season in Florida. Strawberries are a delicious snack, or even dessert. To turn regular strawberries into a delectable dessert, sprinkle sliced strawberries with granulated sugar or dip the whole berries in melted baking chocolate for a special treat.


Though most oranges in Florida are used to make orange juice, the remaining oranges can be found in different produce markets. Florida oranges are much smaller than the California navel oranges sold at supermarkets. They are just as sweet and delicious, though, with the benefit of being locally grown. You can eat these cut up as a snack, or squeeze out the juice for a sweet drink. You do not even need to add sugar!

Fresh Guacamole

Avocado is an extremely healthy food, containing healthy omega-3 fatty acid and more potassium than bananas. For healthy guacamole, mash up a fresh Haas avocado and spices. I prefer guacamole with only salt and pepper, but you can also buy guacamole spice mix at any supermarket (or make a fresh mix at home!).

Ants on a Log

This one is a tried-and-true snack from elementary school. Celery with peanut butter and raisins packs a powerful punch of protein and will help you keep up your energy while studying for long amounts of time. Take a break from studying for that orgo exam to relive your elementary school glory days.

Simple salad

My mom’s dinner salad always features romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, and goat cheese. Even a simple salad of lettuce and tomatoes is extremely healthy and fast for a quick break from studying. My favorite dressing for this salad is Italian vinaigrette, but you should experiment with different dressings. You can even make your own with a combination of oil and your favorite spices or herbs.