From Princess Buttercup in Princess Bride to Claire Underwood from House of Cards, Robin Wright has portrayed several iconic female characters throughout her career.

On Thursday, April 16, ACCENT Speakers Bureau brought Robin Wright to campus. Mike Foley, the master lecturer of UF College of Journalism moderated the interview. With tickets sold out a few hours before the event, the venue buzzed with an excited chatter that erupted into screams when Wright emerged.


Ashley Smith, a fourth-year English major, explained that she came to the event because of her admiration of Wright in House of Cards: “Her character has such a power and presence as a woman that I admire. She’s tougher than the boys.” John Mathias, a second-year business major explained his reasoning for attending the event, “I felt an obligation to come since I watched all thirteen hours of the first season within two days.”

Captivating and witty, Wright responded to Foley’s questions with ease. When he read the media’s statements on Claire Underwood’s terrifying characteristics, she rejected their adjectives. She insisted that Claire Underwood is “industrious, convictive, and efficient,” appearing to describe herself as well.

“Give me something challenging,” Wright declared when asked which type of role she seeks to add to her résumé. “Give me something that I’m afraid of because there is so much more of a reward.”

Foley also interspersed clips of Wright’s acting into the interview, drawing laughter and applause from the audience. Upon reaching the subject of Kevin Spacey, she said that she would talk to him about speaking at the University of Florida campus. Wright spoke most passionately when Foley asked about her dedication to help female victims of violence in the Congo. She addressed her answers to the audience, delving into the benefits of her philanthropic sleepwear line, Pour Les Femmes.

Audience members asked Wright questions after the interview from three microphones placed throughout the venue. These questions regarded Underwood’s wardrobe, advice on directing, and social activism. One student asked Wright for a hug, which she graciously accepted. He alarmingly stormed to the stage before enveloping her with his arms.

Diana Alonso, a third-year mechanical engineering major, found that Wright was “really well-spoken and elegant. I like that she answered each and every question.”

“And I loved her gentle voice,” she continued, with a laugh. “She was so humble, yet assertive.”