On the First Day of Christmas, my True Love Gave to Me…Toe Socks and a Back Scratcher?!

It’s said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, if you ask the Prism staff, we say the road to the holiday season is paved with well-meaning, yet strange, gifts. In order commiserate with our fellow receivers of misfit toys (to borrow a phrase from Rudolf, the Red-Nosed reindeer), the Prism staff shares below our weirdest holiday gifts.


Michael Holcomb, Sophomore: Toe Socks and a Back Scratcher


Chris Bell, Freshman: Suspenders from Hot Topic


Sunny Aroda, Freshman: Floral Scarf


Rebecca Moonitz, Sophomore: Electric Toothbrush


Sally Greider, Sophomore: Used Lottery Card (She didn’t win)


Aliasger Ezzi, Freshman: A Pack of Advil from a Parent’s Boss


Andi Cowell, Freshman: Red Cowgirl Boots


Rosie Robinson, Junior: Questions about her “Plans for the Future”


Damien Remington, Freshman: A Snickers Bar and $3 Wrapped Together in Paper Towels


Hali McKinley Lester, Freshman: Sheets from her Grandma


Rebecca Rash, Freshman: Treats and a Sweater for a Dog (She doesn’t have a dog)


Caroline Nickerson, Sophomore: One of Glen Beck’s Books

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