Aliasger Ezzi

Freshman,  Engineering major

Let’s face it. You’re not in high school anymore!

Unfortunately, most people are not as active as they were in high school once they enter college. Maintaining a limited caloric intake, as well as eating nutritious food, are both necessary components in living a healthy life style; however, just monitoring your diet will not keep you fit.

So, the ugly truth? … You have to work out.

In this day and age, you don’t have to go through a Rocky montage every day to be in good shape. It’s too time consuming—and you may not have enough raw eggs.

The easy fix for exercise in a crazy schedule? Workout videos. As weird as they may seem, they aren’t too time consuming, and they get the job done.

First on the list is “Body Beast,” an all-weights workout. You can put the audio on your phone, grab your headphones, and take it to your campus gym. It’s guaranteed to help you gain a lot of muscle mass. The only downside: it requires a significant daily caloric intake.

Next up is “Insanity.” If you don’t want to be a body builder and you would rather lose weight, Insanity is a great cardio exercise. It’s a two-month time frame, and it only takes about 45 minutes a day. In fact, this is a perfect workout to fit in between classes. The best part is that you can do it all in your dorm room. So if you don’t feel like going out, try this out.

Finally, my personal favorite is “P90X.” Just like “Insanity,” I am able to do it in my cozy little dorm room. It’s a combination of weights and cardio, making it best for those students that want to tone their body (or can’t make up their mind between getting big and cutting fat).

It is important to remember that all of these work outs will keep you fit only if you control your diet. Make sure to stay hydrated, as your amino acids need water to make proteins. Also, eat protein rich foods so that your body receives all necessary amino acids. Along with protein, appropriate amounts of carbohydrates are necessary to provide your body with enough energy to workout. The final warning, and arguably the most essential component to living a healthy life style, is getting an adequate amount of sleep each night. Although you may feel that you are doing well by pushing yourself to stay up and pull all-nighters, your body needs time to rest and get ready for the next day.