By Hannah Gamache

Junior, English major, mass communication minor

You are a fully grown adult—a mature human being pursuing higher education and exercising your intellect in preparation for life in the real world—and, yes, you should absolutely see The Lego Movie. Here’s why:


1. Nostalgia. That’s right, I know you remember playing with Legos as a child, collecting as many Harry Potter castles and Star Wars Lego sets that you could get your hands on (and those things could get expensive!) The Lego Movie will remind you of those glorious days past of building elaborate set ups and pooling all your Legos together to create an original masterpiece.

2. The humor in The Lego Movie is far more creative and mature than just “potty humor,” which is the standard fallback of many films targeted at kids. In fact, much of The Lego Movie is a satire of adult life, provided in a cute, entertaining, and clever way—from the perspective of a kid.

3. Morgan Freeman plays a Lego wizard. Enough said.

4. The graphics are visually exciting and different from the typical blockbuster, and even different from most animated films. The world is entirely created from Lego pieces, which leads to a number of creative solutions for special effects that you wouldn’t think twice about in another movie. Explosions, water, fire—all of it is depicted entirely by Legos. It’s a refreshing and atypical visual.

5. Lego Batman is a hilarious parody of the Christopher Nolan trilogy. From his exaggerated, husky voice, to his affinity for exclusively the color black (and varying shades of gray), Lego Batman is a comedic gem in this movie. And who wouldn’t want to see every possible variation of Bat-vehicle created out of Legos?

So get to the movie theater if you haven’t already, and you can be the adult that catches all the jokes that used to go over your head as a kid.