By Caroline Nickerson

Freshman History Major

It is a truth universally acknowledged that many otherwise wonderful individuals regard Gainesville as boring, a city devoid of any entertainment other than bars and clubs. Well, au contraire, mon frère. Gainesville is a fascinating area rife with a wide variety of entertainments. In fact, many of them are parent-friendly. If you take your parents to at least three of the attractions listed below, I promise you they will wax poetic on Gainesville’s virtues/deem you the favorite child/have a totally rad time.

Therefore, without further ado:

1.The Flying Biscuit

Perhaps Gainesville’s foremost breakfast/lunch eatery, The Flying Biscuit is a foolproof choice for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or all three meals. Complete with a sunny, flowery ambiance and those famous biscuits, The Flying Biscuit is often very crowded, so be sure to call ahead. Also, try the apple jelly. It’ll rock your world.

2. Kanapaha Gardens

If you want to make a day out of this guide, Kanapaha Gardens would be your next stop. Only $7 per person, the Kanapaha Gardens are a beautiful Gainesville treasure. Large enough to provide hours of exploration, the bamboo forest in particular is a must-see! Go meditate with the fam in nature.

3. Peach Valley

The selection at Peach Valley is absolutely delectable. That is why I recommend it for lunch. Conveniently located on 34th Street, it is easy to access Peach Valley from campus. Whatever else you and your family do, PROMISE me you all will order the apple fritters. It is of paramount importance.

4. Payne’s Prairie

Payne’s Prairie is not only a natural marvel, but it is also the fixture that put Gainesville on the map (thanks to eighteenth century naturalist William Bartram). This isn’t a prairie in the traditional sense (i.e., it’s devoid of prairie dogs), but it is home to many trails for hiking, a wildlife observation tower, and a collection of well-run campsites. Camping here, only $15 a night, may also be a good hotel alternative for the parents.

5. The Top

To quote UF Freshman Marketing Major Samantha Biondi, “The Top is the top. Like the best of restaurants. Get it? Go there and order the gnocchi cabonera.” Everything here tastes divine, so just close your eyes and pick a dish. Dinner at the top is the perfect parental end to a perfect parental day. Especially if they’re paying!

You now have the requisite knowledge to enthrall and entertain your parents with Gainesville’s charms. Godspeed!