Tanks + Frozen = FTK

By Lexy Khella
Junior, political science major


Bands Tanks a make her dance.

The countdown until Dance Marathon (DM) on April 12th has begun, and dancers are making the final push to meet their fundraising goals. Honors Gator Aimee Berger, a junior psychology and advertising major, has taken advantage of two college favorites to meet (and hopefully surpass) her goal of $1,000: tanks and Disney’s Frozen.

DM Tank

Berger got involved with DM last year as a sophomore, curious as to what made this “the” event on campus. “Seeing the enthusiasm and passion that my peers had for it made me realize that I should get involved, and I am so glad that I did,” she said.

The event surpassed her expectations, and DM has become the highlight of her year. “Dance Marathon is like [the kids’] Christmas, and seeing the joy on their faces and the thankfulness in their parents’ eyes makes the long hours and hard work worth it,” Berger reminisced.

Fundraising on behalf of the Dancin’ Gators team, Berger is using the tank craze on campus to her advantage by selling Frozen-inspired tanks to help meet her goal. She designed the shirt herself, using the character Olaf and an altered quote from the movie to fit the DM mission. “I hope that with the popularity of Frozen, the shirt bearing the character Olaf will be a hit!” she said.

Wednesday, April 2nd is the last day to place an order for a tank. Tanks are $16 and must be purchased through Aimee Berger by contacting her at aimeeberger15@gmail.com. Shirts are expected to arrive April 10th or 11th, just in time for Dance Marathon!

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