By Nicole Wiesenthal

Freshman, journalism major

H-Box. Most of us have heard of the event or seen it on Facebook, but many of us still don’t know what it is. Is it a box that you drop your suggestions in? Is it the F-Book? Honors Intern and H-Box organizer fourth-year English and Advertising major Dana D’Haeseleer is here to clarify what the event is and tell you all of the reasons why you want to be a part of it.

H-Box (

1. How exactly does the H-Box work? I understand that it is a scavenger hunt, but how will it be carried out? Where will it take place?  

The H-Box is a way to preserve memories students make within the Honors Program. It is, essentially, a scavenger hunt, but it takes place over the entirety of a student’s time at the University of Florida. It is a deck of cards contained in a box, and on each card is a task. By completing 25 out of the 40 tasks—and documenting the adventure with a photo, receipt, or souvenir—one can receive a gold star to wear on your gown at graduation.

2. How is this different from the F-Book?

The F-Book is a book, while the H-Box is a deck of cards. The H-Box is also specific to the Honors Program, while the F-Book documents general UF traditions.

3. Do the students each get a box that they can store their cards in?

Yes. The cards are contained in a box, and the students receive the whole package compliments of the Honors Program.

4. How many events will there be?

There are 40 tasks total (though students only have to complete 25 of them), and there will be one Kickoff event on November 15th. The tasks are not all necessarily events; for instance, one task is to visit a state park within driving distance of Gainesville.

5. How long do the students have to complete the events?

Students submit the proof of task completion the semester that they intend to graduate, so they have the entirety of their time at UF to complete 25 out of the 40 tasks.

6. Why is getting a gold star important?

Students can only wear certain things to the graduation ceremony, and the Honors gold star is one of the few approved ornaments.

7. Do students get a point for completing the challenge?

Yes. Students receive 1 enrichment point for completing the H-Box challenge.

8. Why should students participate in the event, and how will it help them?

 The H-Box is meant to give students a way to experience the Honors Program more fully and encourage them to take advantage of what Gainesville and the Honors Program have to offer. Though receiving a gold star is a plus, the true benefit of the H-Box is that it gets students involved in Honors and the community, and it helps promote a positive and memorable college experience. It also gives students a way to document their UF memories.

9. What do you hope students gain from doing this event?

We hope that students get to try something new, something that they maybe wouldn’t have done without the H-Box impetus. Our goal, again, is to enrich the Honors Program students’ college years by bringing opportunities and experiences to their attention, and helping them create positive memories of UF and the Honors Program.

So now that you know a little bit more about the H-Box, grab some friends and on November 15, head over to the kick-off event which will be taking place from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Murphee Courtyard. You get a gold star, a point, and a box full of great memories for completing the H-Box, so why not try out this fun new event?