By Frances Chapman

Sophomore; Political Science and Arabic major

Free barbeque, ice cream, and friendship: SHO has it all.

Every year, the Student Honors Organization (SHO) enthusiastically welcomes new and returning honors students to the university, granting enjoyment to both nervous and excited students before classes begin. While SHO is responsible for organizing events around Hume, their obligation supersedes scheduling movie nights and Frisbee tournaments. They utilize these events to build a community of Honors students and Hume residents, and this year, SHO will push this idea even further.

UF Honors Facebook
UF Honors Facebook

Although every honors student is a member of SHO, the executive board also functions as the Hume area government, representing its residents in the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA). With social, residential, academic, community service, and campus involvement committees, SHO aims to tailor to the interests of these students in culturally and academically enriching ways, such as their trivia tournaments and football block.

SHO’s vice-president Charlie Newton defined their goal for this year as creating “an environment where people can socialize, meet one another, and create lasting friendships.” Echoing this statement is SHO secretary Matt Bill, who believes one of the most exciting things about the organization is seeing the ways individual members develop through the year. Both members hope to achieve this through an average of eight events each month, giving honors students a plethora of opportunities to grow friendships.

However, unlike past years, not all of these events will be held at Hume. Because some members of the SHO community currently live in other parts of campus, particularly Murphree Hall, the executive board is expecting to hold at least one event there this semester. Moreover, SHO is currently planning an exciting event this fall with the Graham Area Council.

When asked about expectations for SHO this year, Newton says to “always expect surprises.” What can be known for sure, however, is that SHO is an organization reaching to all corners of campus to satisfy its broad interests, creating a welcoming community of students and friends throughout the year.

Upcoming Event:

General Body Meetings: Every second Sunday of the month in the Hume classroom