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Photo Credit: Taylor Weldon

It’s the greatest time of the year – football season. Tailgating, camaraderie and the glorious orange and blue take over the streets; but that also leaves you hot, sweating and fighting the crowds. Before you take to the Swamp tomorrow afternoon, here are your do’s and don’ts for surviving game day in the swamp, brought to you by the Prism staff.


  • Be patient when entering the stadium because of inevitable traffic
  • Bring a portable fan.
  • Stay hydrated! Game days, especially early in the semester, can be oppressively hot.  Make sure you drink plenty of water to protect yourself from heat exhaustion!
  • Girls, wearing a dress, as long as it’s not chiffon and/or clingy, it will be a good option to keep you cool.
  • Wear something that is white and cotton to keep you cool and reflect the sun
  • Show spirit!  The best part about game day is rooting for your team, so go all out!  Deck yourself out in orange and blue, cheer as loud as you can, and interact with the mascots!  You’ll be glad you did.
  • Stay safe: Game days may seem like a non-stop party, but all the drinking can produce some dangerous situations.  Stick with a group of friends and avoid driving if you can help it!
  • Wear sunscreen! You don’t want that flip flop tan for months after just one game, or the oh-so-attractive half sunburnt face
  • Ask for a cup of ice at a stadium food kiosk and you can fill it with water from the water fountain to stay hydrated!
  • Wear sunglasses- The Swamp is a beacon of spirit on UF’s campus, and this light seems to come back to it in another way during the games. It’s very bright and many parts of the stadium have spectators looking into the sun.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes – it’s going to be a long day
  • Paint your body and the bodies of your friends. We need rowdy reptiles. We need a win.
  • Buy cotton candy at the game. I mean where else do you get cotton candy?
  • Tailgate! Watch the pre-game shows, wear orange and blue, set up games, and invite friends. Go visit the tailgates all over campus. The best way to win is with a pumped-up crowd.
  • Prepare for the heat.  Girls, we all know you want to look cute for the game, but for the sake of your health, please throw your hair up into a ponytail and wear a hat. Heat strokes aren’t cute on anyone.
  • Keep it classy. No one likes the boy who swears at the referees or the girl who bursts into tears when a player misses a catch. Keep calm. Carry on.
  • Have a full meal before you get to the stadium so you won’t feel quite as woozy in the intense heat as you assuredly will regardless of your stomach contents.
  • Make as much noise as possible. The stands will be crazy, and you won’t have much fun unless you get crazy with them!
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Photo Credit: Taylor Weldon


  • Stand on the benches
  • Bring your own food or drinks
  • Attack the referee
  • Attack the other team’s mascot
  • Wear red and yellow
  • Wear cowboy boots! Resist the urge to look southern; sweaty feet just aren’t worth it.
  • Drive to the game. Just don’t do it. Parking is chaos on game days. You will thank yourself if you opt for the bus or walk. Plus, it’s fun to walk past all the tailgaters on campus.
  • Try to eat in Midtown after the game. Everywhere will be slammed with post-game visitors from out of town.
  • Bring your own water bottle! Although it’s good to stay hydrated, UFPD will not allow you to bring your own water bottle.
  • Bring a backpack. It will just get taken away.
  • Be alarmed by the tailgators- There are hundreds of people camped out around the university, many of whom are drinking all day. They’re excited about the game and aren’t afraid to show it.
  • Give up on the Gators and acknowledge that the other team’s going to win.
  • Eat at the dining hall on game day. Unless you like to fight the masses for a table. The dining hall does usually serve better food on game days, so just grab a to-go box and take your grub somewhere else.
  • Leave home without the essentials – your Gator 1 ID, your driver’s license, your fully charged phone and some spare cash.
  • Stress about the following week’s tests and assignments – enjoy your days off!
  • Go on Archer, University, or any other common road. Traffic is bumper to bumper, especially between noon and 3:30 PM, or 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM (unless you want to have some quality radio time)
  • Forget to use the bathroom before you go. With thousands of fans using the same dirty bathroom, there are just some places you want to avoid on game day.
  • Sneak (too many) friends into your section of seats. It’s crowded. It’s sweaty. Brawls may ensue.
  • Have a half-hearted gator chomp (proper form, please!)
  • Forget your game face- You’re either a gator or gatorbait. Cheer your team on with pride!