By Isha Choksi

Sophomore, International Studies and French major


A little guy with a big dream: a story we’ve all heard before, but not the way DreamWorks Animation tells it in Turbo, this summer’s most adorable animated movie. Turbo, a garden snail working a slow job, has dreams of living in the fast lane. His idol, Guy Gagné, is a racecar driver from a humble background and winner of the Indianapolis 500 car race who tells the world that size doesn’t put a limit on heart. Although none of his fellow snail workers believe in Turbo, including his brother Chet, he does not lose hope. One night, his wish is granted when he falls into a vat of nitrous oxide and acquires powers that allow him to move much faster than his ordinary snail pace. He is soon found by Tito, a restaurant owner and snail racer with a big heart who discovers Turbo’s incredible powers and believes that the little snail can go far. Together, along with a hilarious group of racing snails, they aspire to compete in the Indianapolis 500 and show the world that no one is too small to achieve a big goal. With the usual colorful cast of hilarious friends, snail and human alike, and formidable enemies, including persistent crows and opportunistic competitors, Turbo goes on the adventure of a lifetime to realize his dream. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Samuel L. Jackson, Maya Rudolph, and Snoop Dogg, this heartfelt comedy will have you at the edge of your seat, no matter how old you are. Although I was a little doubtful that a story about a racing snail would make a lasting impression, through clever dialogue and impressive animation, Turbo teaches us that, no matter what happens tomorrow, we must make the most of today.