By Emily Braun

Sophomore, Telecommunications Major

0ef6831166b01567_TheHeat_VerB_RatedPoster_previewIf you love laughing until you cry and don’t mind the semi-frequent use of foul language, then The Heat is a must-see movie.

The Heat stars powerhouse actresses Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, who are perhaps best known for their work in The Blind Side and Bridesmaids, respectively. Bullock plays a bossy, high-strung, all-business, anal-retentive FBI agent, while McCarthy plays a smooth-talking, foul-mouthed, snide and cynical Boston police officer.

Needless to say, when the two meet, there is a lot of friction. The unlikely pair soon learns that they must work together on the same case, but despite the initial disdain, they gradually transforms into a dynamic duo and a barrel of laughs.The stark contrast in character and acting style displayed by Bullock and McCarthy, combined with their tremendous ability to play off each other to produce on-point comedic timing, is the foundation for the film’s vivacity. The actresses fully mastered their roles and went above and beyond to create an intriguing chemistry between their two characters.

Aside from being a knee-slapping, snort-inducing comedy, the film also boasts other facets to its appeal. It provides action, drama, and nail-biting suspense as the two leads tread a thin line between life and death at the climax of the film.

However, an element of compassion is also added to the mixture. The film delves into the rough details of the two characters’ personal lives. When the backstories are revealed to each other, it proves to fuel the fire for their budding relationship as partners in crime, and the duo helps each other leave behind their emotional baggage.

Do not confuse this movie for a farcical, slapstick comedy. While the movie is hilarious, the storyline flows very smoothly, and the aforementioned components make it well rounded in its appeal. The characters are not the only ones with a mission to accomplish; the story cuts to the chase as if, in itself, there is a job to be done.

Overall, this movie is certainly one to keep you entertained. I give The Heat two thumbs up in a heartbeat, and I highly encourage anyone who is a comedy buff, a Bullock fan, or a McCarthy fan to see this film while it is still in theaters.