Uber Memoirs (4)

Written by Noah Towbin Hello loyal readers! I’m sure everyone has had an amazing quarantine break filled with charming memories of boredom, Netflix, isolation, and a pandemic, but I—for one—am happy to be sitting in Gainesville writing about some of my favorite pre-Corona Uber stories. So, without further ado, here are some more Uber Memoirs:… Continue reading Uber Memoirs (4)

Uber Memoirs: Good Samaritan Edition

Recurring Column by Noah Towbin, Illustration by Grace Dooley Apparently, not all Uber drivers respond with obscene horror stories when prompted to reveal the most interesting things that have happened during rides. So, with the world making social distance the new status quo, I thought we could reminisce on the stories of these good samaritan… Continue reading Uber Memoirs: Good Samaritan Edition

Uber Memoirs: Meet Moonshine Mike and other Characters

Story by Noah Towbin This is the first of an ongoing series of encounters with Uber drivers in Gainesville. Gainesville is a college town at its core. On any given day, a passerby on University can see a myriad of restaurants, a thriving club scene, a herd of college students somehow finding their way to… Continue reading Uber Memoirs: Meet Moonshine Mike and other Characters