Everything you need to know about (Un)common Reads

Story by Stephanie Cobb What are (Un)common Reads courses?  (Un)common Reads are one-credit courses available exclusively to students in the University of Florida Honors Program. Each course is centered around one book, and students spend the semester delving into that book through seminars and various activities. (Un)common Reads can be about anything from the Harry… Continue reading Everything you need to know about (Un)common Reads

An Ode to College Expectations

Story by Grace Dooley Ah, college. Most of us here were brought up on rose-colored text-book style images of college life. It’s always Fall, it never rains, and people actually study under trees. The buildings are all pointed upwards at their arches and huddled beneath a thick layer of ivy– the only time that negligent… Continue reading An Ode to College Expectations

Roundtable: Inside look at the NAVSA Academic Conference

Story by Katherine Jovanovic and Hannah Calderazzo The North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) Conference took place in Columbus, Ohio from Oct. 17-19. The annual conference invited scholars to present research on Victorian literature, history, or art history related to the theme Media, Genre, & the Generic. Each day included four 1.5-hour panels in both… Continue reading Roundtable: Inside look at the NAVSA Academic Conference

Beautiful, Sweaty Gainesville

Story by Michael Dorsey I am a third-year student here at the University of Florida. I think that means I’m meant to have more experience and more readiness for post-grad life than, say, a freshman. I am certain I possess neither. But I do know Gainesville—or as my friends refer to it, the “G-Spot”—pretty well. … Continue reading Beautiful, Sweaty Gainesville

Midterm All-Nighter: A Poem

Poetry By Angie Chirino She stares blankly at the flashing screen, red eyes twitching with its light, jaw stuck open; sighs, heavy and tired, drop out onto her chest, dripping into the quiet room with blank walls the size of cupboards, silk-screen thin and yellowed under sticky tape residue and flickering lights. The phone beside… Continue reading Midterm All-Nighter: A Poem

Free Things to do in Gainesville

Story by Ava Diercksen If you’re new to Gainesville and are looking for ways to make this community home without breaking the bank, or if you are an old-timer and down to explore, try visiting some of these unique and free experiences in and around Gainesville.  Community Involvement One of the most fulfilling things that… Continue reading Free Things to do in Gainesville

Book sale welcomes readers from far and wide

Story by Kaylyn Ling For two select weeks out of the year, all of Gainesville’s bookworms come inching out of their nooks and crannies and convene in one place: the Friends of the Library Book Sale. The biannual event is an immensely popular five-day warehouse sale of books, magazines, DVDs, artwork, records and more miscellaneous… Continue reading Book sale welcomes readers from far and wide

Fall in Gainesville: Things to do Around Town

Story By Gina Crespo and Emma Schindler It’s finally Fall. Even if the hot, humid weather and lack of sweaters around campus suggests otherwise, Halloween and Thanksgiving are quickly approaching. Luckily, if you are looking for ways to start to celebrate the season, there are many cheap options in and around Gainesville. From quiet craft… Continue reading Fall in Gainesville: Things to do Around Town