College Students and Credit Cards during COVID-19

Column by Amanda Smith, Illustration by Grace Dooley Amidst the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many spenders are looking to their credit cards to keep them from draining bank accounts while awaiting stimulus checks. College students (most of which are excluded from the recent stimulus bill) feel stuck as they consider ways to manage… Continue reading College Students and Credit Cards during COVID-19

Humans of Hume: Meet Farmer Jacob

Photo Essay by Tiffany Liu Jacob Mass is a freshman Honors student majoring in exploratory engineering, minoring in percussion performance, and pursuing a certificate in graphic design.  Nothing about his academics reveals his ever-growing love for taking care of plants, but there are obvious reasons why Mass has gained a reputation as Hume’s “Farmer Jacob.”… Continue reading Humans of Hume: Meet Farmer Jacob

Eco-Friendly Living: Tips to Limit Waste

Story by Joyce Jiang Being environmentally friendly can seem intimidating, but here are some easy ways to help the planet that go beyond simply using the recycling bin.  Use canvas bags instead of plastic bags. Canvas bags help reduce the amount of plastic you use, as regular plastic bags add up quickly. Not only will… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Living: Tips to Limit Waste

Something Smells Phishy: The Threat of Internet Scams on Campus

Story By Emily Roden, Photos and Illustration by Emily Roden On Jan. 21, the University of Florida sent out an email to students with the subject  “Phishing Awareness.” According to this email, the busy nature of a new semester is prime time for cybercriminals and phishing attacks. The website Imperva defines phishing attacks as “a type of… Continue reading Something Smells Phishy: The Threat of Internet Scams on Campus

Still on Track? A Personal Essay on New Year’s Resolutions

Story By Derek Pena With the arrival of a new decade, people all across the globe celebrate with their closest friends and family, and make promises to improve on certain aspects of their life. Seemingly  everyone is ecstatic for this chance at rebirth and improvement! Well, everyone except me. When I was a child, I… Continue reading Still on Track? A Personal Essay on New Year’s Resolutions