Short Story: The Dilation and Constriction of Time

Story by Vivianne Wagner Isn’t it astounding how some moments seem to drag on forever, while others appear to end immediately? It’s as if time moves on a dilation continuum, sometimes zooming in and blowing up moments in intricate, excruciating detail, other times zooming out into the distant regions of irrelevance. We may have engineered… Continue reading Short Story: The Dilation and Constriction of Time

Beautiful, Sweaty Gainesville

Story by Michael Dorsey I am a third-year student here at the University of Florida. I think that means I’m meant to have more experience and more readiness for post-grad life than, say, a freshman. I am certain I possess neither. But I do know Gainesville—or as my friends refer to it, the “G-Spot”—pretty well. … Continue reading Beautiful, Sweaty Gainesville

Midterm All-Nighter: A Poem

Poetry By Angie Chirino She stares blankly at the flashing screen, red eyes twitching with its light, jaw stuck open; sighs, heavy and tired, drop out onto her chest, dripping into the quiet room with blank walls the size of cupboards, silk-screen thin and yellowed under sticky tape residue and flickering lights. The phone beside… Continue reading Midterm All-Nighter: A Poem