Stories of Hope from an Unsuspecting Platform

Written by Amanda Smith In a time of increasing division, Americans are desperate for sources that reassure us that future unity is possible, and that our hope is not in vain. Over quarantine and the recent election, there has been a decline in the perceived accuracy of mainstream news channels and social media. Podcasts, however, … Continue reading Stories of Hope from an Unsuspecting Platform

PRISM Picks: In the Reads

BY KATHERINE JOVANOVIC Lauren Stewart, 23-year-old owner and artist of bookstagram (book instagram) account @in.the.reads, greets J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth everyday as she walks into her office. The map aficionado recently completed her goal of creating a wall-sized map, which she estimated required fifty hours of painting. She said the most difficult aspects involved measuring and … Continue reading PRISM Picks: In the Reads