What is Hyperpop?

Written by: Brian Paulsen Unnaturally pitched vocals, a heavy dose of synth and lyrics that blend self-aware jokes with more somber, angst-ridden refrains. This is how one could begin to describe hyperpop, a music style that has recently begun making waves in the music industry. However, it’s difficult to fully summarize the genre in a… Continue reading What is Hyperpop?

The Ultimate Quarantine Playlist

Written by Karina Bravo  Throughout this crazy past year, music has played a big part in preserving our sanity and reminding us of happier times. Here you will find the highlights of my quarantine playlist and hopefully find something to add to your Spotify library. Whether you’re in a reflective, nostalgic mood, or want to… Continue reading The Ultimate Quarantine Playlist

“Learning to fly:” A class on Tom Petty offered

BY MADISON HINDO Starting March 29, during Honors early registration, students will get the option to take a one-credit class on Gainesville native and rock legend Tom Petty. The University of Florida Honors Program will offer a one-credit course on Petty in the Fall as part of the (Un)common Reads program. The class is called… Continue reading “Learning to fly:” A class on Tom Petty offered