Book sale welcomes readers from far and wide

Story by Kaylyn Ling For two select weeks out of the year, all of Gainesville’s bookworms come inching out of their nooks and crannies and convene in one place: the Friends of the Library Book Sale. The biannual event is an immensely popular five-day warehouse sale of books, magazines, DVDs, artwork, records and more miscellaneous… Continue reading Book sale welcomes readers from far and wide

Woman or Monster? Nagini in the Wizarding World

BY KATHERINE JOVANOVIC Since J.K. Rowling confirmed a fan theory that Voldemort’s snake Nagini was originally a witch, she sent Harry Potter fans into quite a frenzy. Here’s what we know: Nagini the snake used to be a witch. She suffers from maledictus, a blood curse passed from mother to daughter that causes animal transformation.… Continue reading Woman or Monster? Nagini in the Wizarding World

PRISM Picks: In the Reads

BY KATHERINE JOVANOVIC Lauren Stewart, 23-year-old owner and artist of bookstagram (book instagram) account @in.the.reads, greets J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth everyday as she walks into her office. The map aficionado recently completed her goal of creating a wall-sized map, which she estimated required fifty hours of painting. She said the most difficult aspects involved measuring and… Continue reading PRISM Picks: In the Reads