How Fortnite Changed the Gaming Industry

BY JOSHUA SANTOS With Apex Legends coming out of nowhere at the start of February and amassing 25 million unique player logins in one week, there’s a new game in the spotlight erupting in popularity at a similar rate that Fortnite did. Whether or not the game will actually supersede Fortnite is anyone’s guess, but… Continue reading How Fortnite Changed the Gaming Industry

Climate Change(s) Us the Most: The Law, Science, & Youth Activism

BY KATHERINE JOVANOVIC For our generation, climate change has been an ever-present, elusive cloud hanging over us. We hear about rising sea levels and higher temperatures, but we can only imagine our planet's future environment. Despite projections of our environment’s state through data and visuals, we can never know what that future truly is until… Continue reading Climate Change(s) Us the Most: The Law, Science, & Youth Activism

Conspiracy Theories for the Skeptic Gator

BY ANAYS HERNANDEZ Discussing conspiracy theories, just like Gator Football, is a favorite pastime of students, due to the mysterious vibes emanating off each story and inevitable curiosity sparked within the mind. I personally love reading up on various theories during my free-time. I mean, who doesn’t want to know if aliens are actually real?… Continue reading Conspiracy Theories for the Skeptic Gator

imagine a New Music Industry for Female Artists: Ariana Grande delivers with “Thank U, Next”

BY KAYLYN LING What does it take to become the #1 album on iTunes barely five minutes after release? It takes an anthology of lyrical heartache, the angelic voice of Ariana Grande, and a couple of clever tweets. Grande’s fifth studio album “Thank U, Next” has been smashing records and making well-deserved headlines since its… Continue reading imagine a New Music Industry for Female Artists: Ariana Grande delivers with “Thank U, Next”

Why You Should Watch “Bandersnatch”

BY ZOE FRONGILLO Warning: Mild spoilers ahead. As technology and social media become more prevalent in our lives, from the smartphones that are never further than an arm’s length away to the smart devices we willingly install in our homes, it is important to be aware of what rights we forfeit and how this technology… Continue reading Why You Should Watch “Bandersnatch”

A Gator’s Guide To: Getting a Research Position

BY ANISHA SARIPALLI  In college, lots of extracurricular activities are available to students. One of these activities includes participating in research. If you don’t know how to ask for a research position, here’s a four step guide to getting one. 1.Contact the Center of Undergraduate Research: CUR is a great tool with peer advisors that will help… Continue reading A Gator’s Guide To: Getting a Research Position