You Know You’re a UF Freshman if You…

By Cresonia Hsieh Freshman, Journalism Major 1)    Wear excessive amounts of gator gear.   2)    Believe this lion is merely a symbol of creative expression. 3)   Still attend class everyday. 4)   Are always being asked, “What is the Good Life?" 5)   Have to use this app constantly. 6)   … Or if you don’t understand… Continue reading You Know You’re a UF Freshman if You…

A Strong Season Ahead

By Cassidy Whitson Sophomore, Journalism Major Its September, y’all! While everyone is excited about different things – the return of the pumpkin spice latte, breaking out those boots, the first day with a slight chill in the air – we can agree that Gator football brings us all together. The game day atmosphere is like nothing else. Ending… Continue reading A Strong Season Ahead

Honors Professor: Dr. Stephanie Webster

By Emily Braun Sophomore, Telecommunications Major One of the many benefits of being in the Honors Program at the University of Florida is the opportunity to be taught by some of the most top-notch professors in the school. A good number of classes that satisfy varying types of general education requirements and critical tracking credits… Continue reading Honors Professor: Dr. Stephanie Webster

Welcome to the Sergei Shabanov Fan Club

By Mitchell Harris Sophomore, Mathematics Professor Shabanov received his Ph.D. in theoretical and mathematical physics in 1988 at St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia. After some time doing research and teaching in Russia and then other countries in Europe, he came to the University of Florida. He continues to do research in theoretical physics… Continue reading Welcome to the Sergei Shabanov Fan Club