Chapter 3.1: Moving around — Getting to know German cities.

VEDRANA DAMJANOVIC SECOND STOP — STUTTGART When I think of Stuttgart, the capital of a German federal state Baden-Württemberg, “Baustelle,” a German word for “construction site,” comes first to my mind.  This is an association created by the stories of so many neighbors, relatives and my friends’ grandfathers from the Balkans working on construction areas… Read More Chapter 3.1: Moving around — Getting to know German cities.

Dr. Law’s “Arts and Engineering”

ANDI CROWELL Courses in history generally refer to the Renaissance as a “rebirth” associated with monumental changes manifested in art, architecture, and science.  Scholars tout the contributions of classical antiquity to the Renaissance, but many times, they say little of the contributions of the Middle Ages.  Yet, the developments made in the Middle Ages contributed… Read More Dr. Law’s “Arts and Engineering”


LLOYD JUSTO No sleep. Caffeine. Looming deadlines. Sometimes, a student has to burn the candle from both ends. Lloyd Justo of Prism ventured into Marston at 4 AM the week of mid-terms to document the University of Florida’s unsung heroes: students pulling all-nighters. These are their stories. Daniel, a first-year computer engineering major, usually “can’t… Read More All-Nighters

Spotlight: UF Alzheimer’s Outreach Organization

ALESSANDRA ROSALES In the 2010-2011 school year, Michelle Marie founded the University of Florida Alzheimer’s Outreach Organization so that students could foster emotionally rich relationships with residents in the memory ward of an assisted-living facility. In 2016, this organization continues to bring together a small variety of students to Brookdale Senior Living Solutions, formerly known… Read More Spotlight: UF Alzheimer’s Outreach Organization