On the Psychoacoustics of the Vulpes vulpes (Red fox)

 By Mitchell Harris Sophomore, Mathematics Major The most difficult part of learning is asking the right questions. After 96 years of children learning the sounds of the animals on Old MacDonald’s farm, only now has Ylvis finally considered what sound the fox makes. It seems rather plausible that the fox says “Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding,” but then other… Continue reading On the Psychoacoustics of the Vulpes vulpes (Red fox)

Heroes Get Remembered, But Legends Never Die: How to Be 5K Ready in Five Steps

By Caroline Nickerson Freshman, Statistics Major Contrary to popular belief, the majority of 5Ks are NOT characterized by extreme exhaustion, ridiculous athletic gear (i.e. sweatbands), and the dulcet tones of “Eye of the Tiger.” Don’t be scared of 5Ks. In fact, though many believe that 5Ks are grueling, intense ordeals open only to experienced athletes,… Continue reading Heroes Get Remembered, But Legends Never Die: How to Be 5K Ready in Five Steps

Do you really need the new iPhone?

By Nicole Wiesenthal Freshman, Journalism Major On September 12, you wake up, roll over in your bed and grab your iPhone which sits conveniently right next to your bed. The cracked screen lights up. You “slide to unlock” (several times because your phone freezes during your first attempt), and then open the Facebook app to… Continue reading Do you really need the new iPhone?

Goodbye to “Breaking Bad”

By Elliot Levy, contributing writer Junior, Public Relations andPolitical Science Major WARNING: The following article contains MASSIVE spoilers about AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad. After five incredible, heart-stopping, mind-bending seasons, all bad things have finally come to an end.   Breaking Bad, which may very well go down as the greatest television drama in history,… Continue reading Goodbye to “Breaking Bad”

Honors Q & A with Ms. Regan Garner

By Abigail Hummel Sophomore, Biology Major Regan Garner is what one might call a college expert. A graduate degree in Social Foundations of Education and a thesis on the history of a local high school’s IB program initially sparked Regan’s interest in the transition from high school to college, but her formal education was just… Continue reading Honors Q & A with Ms. Regan Garner

Tried vs. True: Where you SHOULD be eating in Gainesville

By Hannah Gamache Junior, English Major Bento Cafe vs. Momoyaki We all know and love Bento as our go-to Gainesville restaurant to fulfill that Asian food craving. If my friends and I are in the mood for Asian, the default choice is Bento, naturally. This popular Asian café is usually pretty crowded, and for good… Continue reading Tried vs. True: Where you SHOULD be eating in Gainesville

Ever want the world’s best education for free?

By Michael Chiang Sophomore, Biochemistry Major                   With competition for top-tier universities growing every year, some students feel stifled in their dreams to attend their dream school. Luckily, classes at Harvard, Princeton and other amazing schools, are actually at your fingertips. MOOCs, or massive open online courses, are growing in strength and number as students… Continue reading Ever want the world’s best education for free?